Windows 10 can mirror Android apps from the smartphone

With the “Your smartphone” app, it will be possible in future to run compatible Android apps such as Windows programs under Windows 10.

Microsoft has “smartphone” a new feature of its app presented : Users can continue to run 10 on their Android smartphone installed applications in a separate window on Windows. However, a few conditions must be met for this.

First, users must be Windows Insiders, i.e. participate in the Windows 10 beta program. The PC must be registered in the dev, beta or release preview channel. In addition, the whole thing currently only works with Samsung smartphones. TheListe der kompatiblen Geräte * is still relatively long and covers not only high-end like the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but also entry-level models like the Galaxy A31.

If a compatible smartphone is connected to a corresponding PC, an Android app can be started via the your smartphone application under Windows 10. It then runs like a Windows application in a separate window that can also be pinned to the taskbar.

Some apps might not work

The apps started in this way can be operated like conventional Windows applications, also with a mouse, keyboard and touch inputs. However, Microsoft points out that there may be Android apps that do not allow mirroring on the PC and accordingly only display a black screen there.

It is currently not yet possible to run several Android apps in parallel under Windows 10. This feature should come to the new Galaxy Note 20 later this year. It is currently not known when the new function will also work with Android smartphones from other manufacturers and whether this is even planned.

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