Control over apps, games and websites: Microsoft releases new app for parents

Microsoft has released a family safety app for iOS and Android. Parents can use the app to restrict and monitor their children’s digital media consumption on smartphones, Windows computers and Xbox consoles.

With Family Safety, Microsoft has released an alternative to Google’s Family Link for Android and iOS. The Microsoft app gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children’s digital media consumption and, if necessary, limit it. The whole thing is cross-platform and therefore works not only on the two smartphone operating systems, but also on Windows computers and the game consoles of the Xbox series. However, the features are limited under iOS.

The Family Safety app allows parents, for example, to block websites and search terms. This is currently only possible in the Edge browser on Windows, Android and Xbox. Apps can also be blocked for use, but Apple’s operating system remains unaffected here as well. Conveniently, parents can also set upper limits for the use of individual apps via the app. There is also the possibility that children can request purchases from their parents in the Microsoft and Xbox stores. Only after your OK does the purchase take effect and the deposited payment method is charged.

Family Safety: Parents get device usage statistics

The Family Safety app * should enable parents to see how often their children have used the various devices linked to the app. There is also an evaluation of the apps and games used. The most frequently visited websites are also evaluated. Microsoft promotes the function as a discussion basis for appropriate online use.

Microsoft’s family app also allows the location of family members to be viewed on a map. In addition, individual locations such as your own home can be saved there. For example, parents should be able to see at a glance whether their children are back from school or friends.

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