A Guide to IMMEX Certification

If you haven’t heard of IMMEX certification, you are not alone. It’s the biggest fair in Mexico. If you’re thinking about exporting your products to Mexico, you should start here. You need to get certified. There are several steps that you can take in order to gain IMMEX Certification. Once you are certified, you can start selling at IMMEX and enjoy the tax benefits.

First, you need to become certified. You can get certified by a government organization or a private organization. You must perform a critical analysis of your records and operations. The requirements vary by industry sector, and the slightest mistake could result in fines of up to 150% of the import tax omitted. After you are certified, you can start selling your products in Mexico. You can even participate in the program without a physical facility.IMMEX Program: How to Defer Taxes on Mexico Imports - Co-Production  International, Inc.

If you have a manufacturing company, you can apply to be certified as an Industrial IMMEX. IMMEX certification is a requirement for companies that use imported materials and perform industrial processes. It is also required to have a valid company registration certificate. Once you have an approved IMMEX certification, you can begin importing goods and services from Mexico. Unlike the private IMMEX program, this program is offered to companies that have a production facility.

You must comply with the IMMEX regulations and submit a monthly report on the amount of exports and imports you make. Additionally, you must maintain an inventory control system that records the quantities of goods you import and export. You also need to meet the minimum export and import volumes. As a result, you can receive a tax credit and a customs duty. There are a variety of regulations to comply with.

The certification process is a complicated and time-consuming process. Aside from obtaining an IMMEX authorization, you must also apply for a VAT/IEPS certification. Once you have received your authorization, your maquiladora can begin selling your products to the world. You can get a tax break from the government when your products are sold in IMMEX. The IMMEX program will give you a better rate of profit than the private sector.

There are several steps to get certified. The first step involves a visit to Mexico. You must meet the requirements of the IMMEX certification, including having a notary public sign your application. You must attach a photo of your premises to the letter. In addition to this, you must submit a copy of your attestation of facts. A notary public will sign the document. Once your documents are certified, you can begin selling your products.

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