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Today Mozilla officially released version 76 of its Firefox browser. The highlights of the update are the improved protection of accounts and passwords and the more complex audio processing.

For version 76 of its popular browser, Mozilla has upgraded the Lockwise password manager. This now alerts users directly when websites are affected by a data leak. If users use the same password for several accounts and one of these accounts is affected by a leak, Lockwise will now prompt you to change the password. A key symbol can be used to identify which accounts are using the relevant password.

Lockwise increases security

In addition, Lockwise can now automatically generate secure and complex passwords for even more websites and save them directly in the browser. Under Windows and macOS, Firefox now also requires entering the operating system login before the list of passwords stored in the browser can be viewed. If you don’t want that, you can also assign a master password directly in Firefox, which secures access to the list in the same way.

Zoom without tool installation

Another innovation concerns the growing number of users of Zoom and other video conferencing tools. Firefox now supports more complex audio processing through audio worklets. This means that web services that offer virtual reality, web games or video conference software can be used directly in the browser. There is no additional installation of helper tools.

Picture-in-picture videos can be easily enlarged

In addition, Mozilla has improved the picture-in-picture function. With this, videos can be removed from websites and can always be kept in view as a floating window. Some call it multitasking, others call it serial production at work. In any case, the floating video can now be displayed in full screen with a double click. Another double click brings the floating window back.

Better presentation of web content

WebRender is now available for other Windows users and now improves the standard graphics display on modern Intel notebooks with screen resolutions of up to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. In the design section, Firefox offers a small change to the address line. Firstly, Firefox reduces the shading of the background of the URL bar as soon as a new tab is opened. On the other hand, the bookmark bar has been enlarged slightly so that it is easier to use for touchscreen users.

The release notes are available here with all the details. You can download it from here . Installed Firefox browsers update themselves automatically. If you want to speed up the update, click on the hamburger icon at the top right, then select “Help” and then “About Firefox”. Then the browser will download its latest version at the latest.

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