E-commerce: Facebook is expanding its shop function

On Facebook and Instagram, retailers are getting a number of new functions to offer their goods and to get in contact with potential customers. Among other things, the new shopping section, initially only available on Instagram, is now to be integrated into the Facebook app .

Since May 2020, retailers have been able to create shops that can be displayed on Facebook and Instagram. In July, Instagram also got a revised shopping section. Now the social media group wants to integrate this shopping section into the Facebook app. Corresponding tests have already started in the USA, according to a blog post . Shoppers can find products from various retailers via the Facebook Shop section in the app.

Facebook Shop: Retailers get some new features for managing and displaying their Facebook shop. 

The shop function published in May is to be made available to all companies over the coming weeks. In addition, retailers are to receive several new design layouts in order to better adapt their virtual storefront to their needs. Furthermore, retailers are to receive more precise insights into their sales activities via Facebook’s Commerce Manager.

Messenger, Instagram Direct and Whatsapp: Shop in chat

A new chat button will give potential shoppers the opportunity to get in direct contact with the retailer. Products should also be able to be shared directly via chat. In this way, shoppers should be able to get feedback from friends before buying, for example. Facebook wants to test the function first with Messenger and Instagram Direct. But the WhatsApp messenger will also be integrated later.

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